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Mont Tétons : un guide de survie


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 52

Sometimes a synopsis lacks feeling. But not this one, because I, Anick Lemay, am writing it. I want to do some useful work and take those who follow me by the hand and show them the way. Because many more will come after me and I want them to have a realistic, sensitive, honest, and hopeful survival guide. With my own touch of humour. Because without that I don’t know how I could ever have climbed Mont Tétons. A cancer diagnosis and everything that comes after is like doing an Ironman Triathlon without any training. It’s tough, exhausting, and tiring. And it really hurts. If this documentary answers some questions and makes the hyperactive hamster inside the minds of just a few women smile and calm down, then I will have achieved my goal. Do I show that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger? Yes. Maybe. It all depends on the individual. But above all, I want to show that the paths might not be as steep as they seem when you’re at the bottom of that damned mountain. Because I will have demystified them, exposed them, and explained them. I have the endurance today and a light to show you the way. If you’re afraid of what’s ahead, follow me. Let me be your Sherpa.


Cast/Participants: Anick Lemay

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