Monsieur Homme


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The mission of Monsieur Homme is the study of the fascinating and hairy creatures who make up half of humanity: men. 

In each of the eight episodes in this funny and informative series, Mathieu Pichette, a.k.a. Monsieur Homme, endeavours to discover truths about his fellow man by following a strict scientific protocol combining science, humour and adventure. 

Where does the strongest man in Canada get his strength from? How does testosterone invade the body of a young boy and transform him into a man? Why do men die before women? These are the kinds of questions Mathieu Pichette tackles in his encounters with men more manly than he and gives the last word to scholars and scientists who can tell him a thing or two. The guaranteed result in an enjoyable blend of scientific content, quirky humour, and action on the ground!


Cast/Participants: Mathieu Pichette

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