Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 52 min. 12 sec.

After having his male pride shaken to the core when some insolent douchebag called him a “mononcle,” actor and playwright Fabien Cloutier takes on the challenge of deconstructing the stereotypical mononcle, a character deeply rooted in the collective consciousness of Quebecers. In the process, he dives headfirst into a sociological-comical investigation that takes him to the four corners of the province. By contacting a number of live mononcle specimens between 30 and 75, Fabien satisfies his quest for truth and justice by gathering key elements here and there in an attempt to answer his fundamental questions: What is a mononcle? Why is it such a negative label? And how does one actually become a mononcle? As he enters his forties, will Fabien Cloutier finally assume his rightful place in this controversial social class? Under its comic veneer, the documentary explores the multiple meanings of masculinity in Quebec circa 2017, a time of proliferating gender identities.


Cast/Participants: Fabien Clouitier, Richard Cloutier, Mario Dallaire, Denis Desharnais, Jacques Duval, Jean-Marie Larochelle, Réal Massé, Michel Rousseau, David Desjardins, Marie-Claude Ducas, Benoît Melaçon, Martine Roberge, Jean-Philippe Warren.