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Monkey Beat

Animation, Children's & Youth, Comedy, Family, Musical
English, French

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 52 x 7 min.

Will and Pepe are charismatic and multi-talented teenagers twin brothers. They are also monkeys, living their normal life among humans! Everyday after school, when they get back home, they become big stars of the Internet.

Their greatest pleasure is to turn the camera on to showcase their latest experience in a DIY format, challenging themselves into silly creative contests. Who will build the longest flying paper airplane? How to construct the highest toy cars tower of all time? Is it true that a toast always fall on the buttered side?

But transforming household objects into something really cool that can fly, roll, splash or burst is not their only talent. They LOVE music! Meaning that every single object becomes a reason to start jamming, singing, rapping... or just air playing! They just can't resist. It's in their DNA. No need to say that their fans expect nothing less than every challenge to reach high notes!


Cast/Participants: N/A

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