Miss Persona

Children's & Youth, Science-fiction/Fantasy

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2018

Miss Persona is an industrious little lady with a big imagination! Her tippy-top number-one favourite activity in her tiny little world is to take care of the forest’s creatures and look after every little thing, especially her best friend -- a loyal and shy teddy bear that loves bowties named Brandon who lives with her in her treehouse in the Fix-it-up Forest. Along the way Miss Persona encounters tricky problems that she must then figure out how to solve. The good news is problems aren’t a problem for this peppy problem-solver!

Miss Persona sees problems as fun challenges. She likes to look at her problems from different perspectives, so it’s a handy thing she has such a magical imagination. She’s found a unique and super- fun way to solve problems: she dresses up and pretends she is the type of person who normally solves the type of problem she currently has. When she can’t find Brandon during a game of hide-and-seek, she becomes a special investigator, or when she and Brandon find a robot that won’t power up she becomes a mechanic. The possibilities are positively plentiful for Miss Persona’s personas!


Cast/Participants: Kimberly Persona, Mike Petersen, Joe Motiki, Ingrid Hansen, Fred Penner, Alyson Court

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