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Mes petits malheurs


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 30 minutes

Mes petits malheurs is a series the whole family can enjoy one half hour at a time through the teenage memories of Jeffy, who, as an adult today, narrates the series. Using plenty of humour and nostalgia, the series tells the story of youthful adventures from the mid-1980...lifting the veil on the secret universal fears of all teenagers. Jeffy is a typical 12-year-old boy, clumsy and insecure, and, like millions of others his age, doing his best to be accepted and find his place in the world safe from the many nuclear disasters adolescence tends to set off.

It’s summertime at the family cottage on the lake and Jeffy suffers through his weekly rites of passage surrounded by his father Claude (workaholic doctor and discipline enforcer), his mother Nicole (a loving mother hen type, always trying to spice up her marriage), his sister Miriam (the eldest and a rebel who who’s always pushing the envelope on authority and proper behaviour), and his brother Sylvain (forced to take a summer job in body only while his mind continues windsurfing.)

Jeffy spends his vacation with his faithful sidekick Eric, the beautiful Kelly, who arouses Jeffy’s still unknown feelings, and Marco, the richer, cooler neighbour, who’s only purpose seems to be ensuring that comparing ourselves with others doesn’t always make things better...

Mes petits malheurs is as comforting as a tall glass of Quik for viewers still battling in the eye of the teenage storm, and an amusing walk down memory lane for adults 18 to 77 who’ve survived all the trench warfare...a story told with humour and some derision by the adult Jeffy now 30 years later. Because with hindsight and the passage of time, we all can look back on the dramatic events of our formative years...and see them as some of our fondest memories.


Cast/Participants: Catherine Proulx-Lemay, Jean-Michel Anctil, Antoine Marchand Gagnon, Luka Limoges, Rose-Marie Perreault, Xavier Desrochers, Marilou Forgues, Justin Simon, France Castel, Louis Morissette (narrateur)

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