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Mehdi et Val IV

Children's & Youth
French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 24 minutes x 32 épisodes

During the third year of the series, Valérie broke the sword that enabled her to travel through time. She and Mehdi were therefore forced to set up in the Middle Ages, with all of the surprises and challenges that came with it, until she could have her sword repaired. They very much envoy their stay at Languille, but would certainly not refuse a warm shower and a mattress to sleep on! Luckily, Valérie knows what needs to be done to repair her sword: she needs to insert a mysterious stone into it. But where is that stone? And what if the sword cannot be repaired after all?

Mehdi accepted a job as a servant at the castle to provide for themselves. He loves his new job! Everything goes well until the day where Alix, sad since he got rid of his servant, demands that Mehdi become his new assistant. Will Mehdi manage to keep his job while sabotaging Alix’s plans to rule over the villagers?

But that’s not all! Céleste is planning a trip to Bon Aloi where Medhi and Valérie supposedly come from. Will our heroes manage to have this trip cancelled before they are revealed as imposters to everyone? And will they manage to stifle the suspicions of Frère Éloi who noticed that they do not act like the other children? Luckily, they will be able to count on their allies Tristan and Roselyne to overcome the obstacles along the way.

Tristan and Roselyne also have projects of their own. Roselyne is no longer as fascinated by the 21th century and instead wants to have fun combining her knowledge of both eras to create astonishing objects. As for Tristan, since he was appointed equerry of Monlourdo, he feels grown up. Will he be able to convince his father to give him more independence? As for Flora, she is going through a difficult period. The villagers learn that she lied to them and that the potatoes that she sold to them did not have magical properties. How will she be able to regain her friends’ trust?

Pleasure will continue to mark this fourth season of Mehdi et Val, during which astonishing adventures await our heroes!


Coproduction Partner(s): Fair-Play

Cast/Participants: Clifford Leduc-Vaillancourt, Marilou Forgues, Mathéo Piccinin, Emilia Charron, Elliot Miville-Deschênes, Ève Galhidi-Gratton, Laurence Latreille, Pascal Boyer, Pierre Simpson, Chanda Gibson, Roch Castonguay, Anie Richer, Vincent Poirier, David Bélizaire, Richard J. Léger, Mélanie Beauchamp

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