MARIE MAI Notre histoire


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 60 min

A child born of television reality, Marie-Mai practically grew up in front of our eyes as a good-standing member of the star system. The beginning of her career was spectacular. She spent more than a decade charging straight ahead without ever looking back. Invulnerable, ambitious, in control. Nevertheless, she went through an unprecedented identity crisis three years ago. Exit the production house, her lover and the musicians. Marie-Mai felt the fundamental need to rediscover herself. The documentary tells the story of her intense period of soul-searching and her quest to give new meaning to her life. We accompany her through this process and discover the new reality of her family life as well as the important place that musical creation holds in her life while making a necessary return on her past to better understand how far she has come.


Cast/Participants: Marie-Mai Bouchard, David La Flèche