Manifest: Power of Thought


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: :45

The biggest and possibly most controversial buzzword of the pop spiritual movement is now the subject of a 1-HR documentary special that asks: “Do human beings really have the power to manifest and create their lives through their thoughts?”  Our program picks up where the explosively popular best selling book and film, ‘The Secret’ left off.  Think of The Power of Thought as a 2.0 version on the manifestation debate. 

Our documentary meets and follows 4x-compelling characters, each claiming to have radically changed their own lives through mental manifestation.  Each character represents a dramatic case study in one of four key relatable areas of life: 


2. Money

3. Health

4. Career

How did they do it and what defines their practice today?   As we witness their representative journeys right before our eyes, we also hear from the high-profile experts (supporters and nay sayers) who offer both sides of the controversy. Critical analysis and evocative criticism includes the suggestion that manifesting leads to victim-blaming, delusional thinking and is even dangerous.

Our documentary offers a status report on a hot topic that has captured the imagination of the Western world and continues to redefine an era.  While The Secret posits, “like attracts like” our documentary presents both sides of an ongoing argument to let viewers decide for themselves if humans truly hold the power to manifest through the mind.  Our production also recognizes there are now differing schools of thought on the right and wrong ways to manifest and will brings these issues to the fore.

Whether a viewer is a believer or not, our show offers fresh information and evidence, demonstrating cases for the power of thought and mind over matter in a wider and more stimulating platform than ever seen before.

Discover why many thought leaders believe affirmations are key to manifesting, while others say they don’t work at all.   We’ll explore the widely popular world of metaphysics in context, and find out why and how people are arguably thinking themselves well, or in some cases dis-ease and what do our experts have to say about all of this? 

An hour packed with action, entertainment, compelling characters and famous experts, brings the subject matter to life in an original film to continue the conversation of the mind and ultimately let viewers decide for themselves on The Power of Thought.


‘Manifesting’ is both a popular and controversial subject matter, and as such, the documentary is at times inspiring and humorous, other times emotional, raw and passionately critical.   Subjects will take us through their back-story and mindfulness practices through intimate interviews and in situ asides. 

Stock footage and personal photos and videos will be used to take viewers to the before moments and help define the stakes and circumstances involved that led to each individual’s radical transformation.   Viewers discover the critical moments of the journeys and subtle recreation moments will be used from time to time.  For example, one person may recall their post partum depression reaching a point of wanting to throw her baby down the stairs.   In this instance, we may see a narrow flight of stairs from the top step down, using a different light and colour from the rest of the film to denote the flash back / re-creation.

Expert commentary will weave throughout to expand context of the individual stories as well as critical thought on the various practices used by participants.  

Viewers are immersed in the worlds of fascinating characters participating in visually stimulating practices as they seek to improve their lives in four of the most important aspects of human nature.

Cold opening – a very strong statement or piece of stock footage. I.e.. “He will never, walk, talk, see or feed himself again.”  OR over black and titles “I wanted to throw my baby down the stairs” etc. 

Our opening and title segues into a surprising image of the person today that completely contradicts the opening statements. The person we now see before us can’t possibly be the same person, or can they?  The story unfolds.  As the documentary flows, revealing the mystery of the transformation in a way that keeps viewers engaged, we meet the four main people who represent radical transformations in the areas of love, money, career and health.   Expert commentary comes in to expand and contradict on ideas presented and expressed.

Quotes from some of the world’s thought leaders and writers are interspersed (Napolean Hill, Florence Scovell Shinn, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay) to provoke and also lead viewers through the different subject matters explored.

The documentary will challenge prevailing thought on what is possible through how and what we think and believe.  The stories must be seen to be believed.  Will viewers be more or less inclined to practice mindfulness themselves?  In any case, they will discover real life stories and encounter practices and methods they may never have heard about or considered. 


Coproduction Partner(s): ZoomerMedia (Vision, One Body, Mind, Spirit)

Cast/Participants: Daniel Bax, Sophie Solomon, Satish Verma, Tammra Harrison

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