Ma fille n'est pas à vendre

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 52:15

Ma fille n’est pas à vendre tells the story of the descent into hell of 4 mothers whose teenage girls have fallen for a lover who, little by little, turns out to be a very tough pimp. With them, we discover the dark world of juvenile sexual exploitation in Quebec, a phenomenon that has existed for years but which now affects girls from all walks of life, especially since today it sets its snare right in the home through social media.

Powered by the bond of motherhood, the women fight for their daughters and for all those who follow in their mistaken footsteps. They refuse to give up, refuse to let their daughters be taken prisoner by an evil stranger who will go unpunished. As one of the mothers says, “The umbilical cord only get cuts when the mother dies.” These mother lionesses, wounded and furious, hold on for dear life. “My daughter is not for sale!” they shout.

Ma fille n’est pas à vendre not only takes viewers on the combative path the mothers pursue, but also on Sarah’s journey. The daughter of Josée, Sarah was lured into the trap of sexual exploitation at the tender age of 15. Sarah agreed to tell her own painful story, including the 4 times she ran away from home, right up to her final, desperate homecoming into her mother’s waiting arms.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Les Productions BazzoBazzo inc.