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Lyme: quand la maladie nous mord

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 45min 30secondes

This one-hour documentary takes us into the world of David Gadoury, Sabrina Roy, Marc Therrien, and Rachel Guignard: four victims of Lyme disease in Quebec. Lyme is an infectious disease transmitted by a tiny black-legged tick, now multiplying at an alarming rate in Quebec’s forests. The tick is infected with Borrelia bacteria, which contaminates the whole human body, making life for the victim a living hell for years to come.

We see how this insidious disease has had a devastating impact on four people, both in their careers and in their personal lives. Through their accounts, we follow the path of their infection, and their personal histories plagued with suffering, treatments, and resilience. Beyond the illness that has mortgaged their health, we will also see the ignorance of doctors, specialists in denial, the ineffective testing procedures in Quebec, and the utter indifference of the healthcare system that has, in some cases, literally abandoned them outright.

And throughout these intertwined stories, we also let the experts have their say. Entomologists, infectious disease specialists, and neurologists, describe the ticks for us and how they transmit this devastating disease. They explain Lyme borreliosis, its effects, how it evolves, the treatments available, and the different prognoses. And above all, why Lyme disease is still so unknown and so underestimated while the tick continues to gain more and more ground in Quebec, with hundreds of new infections every year.


Cast/Participants: David Gadoury, Sabrina Roy, Marc Therrien et Rachel Guignard.

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