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L'or bionique

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 52 min

As we get closer to the Rio games, Canadian athletes are redoubling their efforts in the hope of achieving their Olympic dreams. In the swimming pools and gyms, their goal is always the same: faster, higher, stronger. But behind the scenes coaching the Olympians has undergone profound changes. In training rooms, intuition and experience are being replaced more and more with science, technology, and expertise. In 2016, the aerodynamics of kayakers is being studied in wind tunnels, we’re retraining the brains of concussion victims, and developing software and sensors to shave thousandths of a second off the time of cyclists.

More than ever, you’ll find teams of scientists and sports professionals around the athletes, taking steps to adjust the human machine down to the last millimetre to continually expand the limits of athletic performance. But the question is just how far can we go? And at what price? Five athletes join us in this new sophisticated universe, where everything is done to capture the Holy Grail of sports: Olympic gold.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Idéacom international inc


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