Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 60 minutes

Andiamo al storo per comprare un sandwich di turchi e cippii”. Roughly translated, this means: Let’s go to the store to buy a turkey sandwich and chips. L’ITALIESE often dubbed a “language of survival” by historians is the name given to the new dialect and language adopted by Italian immigrants in English speaking countries. The culture of “L’Italiese” is the culture of immigration and a fusion of both Italian and English languages. Learn how this linguistic phenomenon has become the day-to-day vernacular of the Italian immigrant community forging their connection to their new world and to their English speaking children, work colleagues and neighbors.


Cast/Participants: Diana Iuele-Colilli, Marcello Danesi, Paul Colilli, Sal Gentile, Olga Pellegrino, Christine Sansalone, and Francesca Soia

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