Les ultras

Documentary, Lifestyle

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 52 minutes

Welcome to the world of the Ultras: ultra-marathon, ultra-triathlon, double or triple Ironman, deca-triathlon, Spartan races, races of survival...The events increase at a dizzying pace every year, and the challenges themselves are greater, more intense, longer, and more dangerous than ever. Beyond the “simple marathon” – that has become almost commonplace – the Ultras are extreme endurance competitions that can cover up to hundreds of kilometres per race!
This documentary is an inroad to the action – men and women at their peak levels – in the world of the Ultras. It also calls for serious reflection on the societal challenges to stand out in a world focused on individual performance at all costs, and the importance of how one is positioned to appear in social media. The production is rhythmic, dynamic, and designed to take your breath away. We follow the quest of three outstanding Quebec athletes in parallel: Hélène Dumais (age 34 and from Verdun) is one of the world’s best female athletes in this type of event. She attends many events in Quebec and around the world every year. Sébastien Côté (early 40s) is the president and organizer of the Ultra-Trail Harricana de Charlevoix, the biggest Ultra event in Quebec. Michel Gouin, 55, is Canada’s ultimate Ultra. In 2004, he ran across the country in just 146 days, averaging 48 km per day, in good weather and bad.