Les Sioui Bacon - Cycle V


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 9 x 30 minutes

The family members find themselves under the same roof, bonds are re-established, and the clan is stronger than ever. And since the season is focused on the family nucleus, the main stage will be the Sioui-Bacon clan’s new home and surroundings. Mr. Robert’s valuable advice on the importance of family and of being present as a father seems to have had a good effect on Alex, who’s become empowered and ready to take on his role as father and elder of the family at full speed. François really hits his stride as a journalist, uncovering a scandal that propels him into the media big leagues. As for Julie, Karine, and Stéphanie, they’re confronted with Philippe’s death, which unleashes a tsunami of emotion within the clan. While everyone is affected by the death, Stéphanie’s the one who takes it the hardest. She considers death an injustice to life. And despite the ordeal she goes through, she comes to find meaning in her life, a way of her own...

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 9223-3287 Québec inc.

Cast/Participants: Charles Bender, Brad Gros-Louis,Raphaël Lacaille,Robert Lalonde,Didier Lucien, Jessica Nanipou, Jade Talbot,Rose Talbot,Uapeshkuss Thernish

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