Les princes à Calcutta

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 30

The Les Princes à Calcutta series follows the journey of 16 inspired and inspiring young women taking part in a remarkable humanitarian experience on the other side of the world. During an emotional two-week stay, Les Princes hope to ignite the flame of ‘girl power’ and self-esteem among young girls living in an underprivileged Calcutta neighbourhood. To do this, they focus on softball, a team sport that has united them since day one.

During their stay, they will train the girls in order to pass on their passion for the sport.

The sport is obviously a pretext for instilling the values of the Fondation Les Princes in the girls: inclusion, diversity, self-esteem, mutual support, and surpassing oneself. Aside from softball, other activities will also be carried out, including street clinics, and distributing donations to schools. At the end of their stay, they organize a softball game that will be the highlight of their work. Les Princes will also do their utmost to ensure that the movement they started in Calcutta continues after they leave.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Attraction Images Productions V Inc.

Cast/Participants: Léa Vinson

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