Les Enfants Roy

Children's & Youth
French (Available subtitled in French)

Who said babysitting was child’s play? Each week, a babysitter looking after two kids for a few hours, has to deal with some very outrageous situations…to say the least! The home front, all decked out with hidden cameras, provides the live theatre where one crazy, preposterous scene follows another. For example, a child starts crying because her tarantula has escaped, picture frames on the walls start shaking and lights flashing, the pizza delivery man accidentally drops his pizza on the Persian rug, while two kids who ordered an HD TV as a surprise for their dad don’t have money to pay for it when it arrives? At Les Enfants Roy (the children of the king), anything is possible!

Even the kids the babysitter is supposed to be looking after are actors. In fact everything, house included, is all part of a grand deception to catch her off guard. So what will the babysitter do aside from having panic attacks? Good question.

Comedian Phil Roy does a brilliant hosting job behind the scenes, in the garage where his team is busy doing their best to give the babysitter her worst day ever. He comments on the show in the company of his partners in crime…who may be the babysitter’s mother, brother, or best friend! Phil also prods the young actors into playing their dirty tricks, and he also has the pleasure of finally informing the babysitter of what’s been going down while the show has been going on!

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Juste pour rire TV inc.

Cast/Participants: Phil Roy