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Les cordes de la victoire


Region: Western

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 52 minutes

Les cordes de la victoire follows 3 young fiddlers as they put their years of practice to the test in the prestigious Championnat des Grands maitres violoneux du Canada (Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Competition.) For Véronique, Simon, and Daniel, the art of fiddling was engraved in their hearts from a very young age. It’s a daily struggle for them to prioritize their unique talent alongside their studies, jobs, and family life. The documentary traces the history of this musical style that has undergone such a spectacular evolution from the time of Canada’s earliest settlers. Experience the intense moments of anxiety and stress for the 3 fiddlers from behind the scenes at a competition that has the power to change lives. Will they succeed in impressing the judges? A task made all the more difficult when performed under tremendous pressure.


Cast/Participants: Daniel Gervais, Simon Reimer, Véronique Demers