French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 30 miniutes

Les aventures du Pharmachien is a documentary series that tackles false facts and popular myths about health. A fascinating and vibrant world featuring a funny and biting Pharmachien on a mission to “separate the true from the false.”

Each episode in the series focuses on a specific theme, from organic food to naturopathy, and is structured on the questions posed by the host. For example, is being a vegetarian is better for your health or should we really be afraid of getting Lyme disease?

For answers to these questions, the host meets with specialists, compares his ideas with those who think differently than he does, carries out tests, and presents us with results from credible studies. The Pharmachien’s scientific arguments are extensive and ready to stand up to any criticism. His explanations are clear, factual, and presented in a humorous, often mocking tone.

While the approach is scientific, it’s the delivery on the subject that stands out. The series always presents serious content in an entertaining format fortified with ‘satiricals.’ There are a number of surprising scenarios, including fake ads, spectacular special effects, and mini animations featuring recurring characters from the popular Pharmacien blog.

In short, Les aventures du Pharmachien delivers solid content in ways you’ve never seen before in a scientific documentary.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Datsit Studios Quinze Inc.

Cast/Participants: Olivier Bernard