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Les argonautes 5

Children's & Youth

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2015

Duration: 30 minutes

The year is 2175. Thanks to Grand V speed which allows you to travel faster than the speed of light, Earthlings now have the means to travel across the galaxy. The mathematical formula for this incredible discovery came in the form of a dream all children on Earth had.

Many years later the equation was reconstructed and understood in an event known as First Contact. When the children of First Contact grow up, their children begin to develop amazing, extraordinary powers (called SG in the series or “special genes”).

From the moment exploration of the galaxy becomes possible, the planetary government gives Commander Maximilien the mandate to lead an armada to travel across space. This armada is named the Argo after Maximilien’s flagship, and brings together a thousand scientists and their families, including children, who are the heroes at the heart of every adventure.

During their mission, the Argonauts visit spellbinding planets and meet fascinating aliens, but they also thwart the plans of the Serpilleurs, space pirates, who pursue them to try and steal their technology.

Every day is a grand adventure into the unknown...

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Pixcom inc.

Cast/Participants: Martin Laroche, Pierre-Luc Houde, Frédéric Desager, Éric Paulhus


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