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Le vote latino


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 1 x 60 minutes

Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. For months now, the world has been obsessed with the US presidential battle. While the analyses and the polls grow in number on a daily basis, there is little information on the voting intentions of Latino Americans. And it’s this particular segment of the American population that Chilean-born Canadian producer and director Orlando Arriagada focuses on in his documentary Le vote Latino.

In recent months, Arriagada has traveled more than 8000 kilometers to meet our Latino American neighbours to the south. His journey took him to 8 cities and across 8 states with the objective of taking the pulse of those who make up the largest ethnic minority in the country.

The result is a unique journey into the heart and soul of different Latino communities in the US. If few are ready to endorse Trump’s proposals on immigration, many are still reluctant to turn their backs on the Republican Party they love. In the end, neither party can lay claim to causing any consensus among Latinos.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Pimiento

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