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Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 52min15

Tablets and smartphones have become part of everyday life and, not surprisingly, this has an impact on children. Their power of attraction is impressive, but little is known about their long-term effects. Many parents are unprepared for this digital tsunami, and they struggle to provide adequate support for their children, who often know more about it than they do anyway...Have we gone from the child as king, to the rule of the connected and digitally dependent child? Claire Lamarche weighs in on the matter.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Lamarche à vélo Productions

Cast/Participants: Claire Lamarche, Alexandre Taillefer, Magali Dufour, Sylvie R. Gagnon, Brendan Parsons, Émilie Ouellet, Olivier Thibodeau, Valérie Rouby, Annie Lussier, Isabelle Létourneau, Vincent Hubert, Alexis Hubert, Béatrice Hubert, Laurent Hubert, Xavier Hubert, Thierry Karsenti, Ariane Thibault, Caroline Montreuil, Martine Picard, Martin Houle, Mélodie Houle