Last Chance Indian

French (Available dubbed in English)

This documentary follows Sonia, a next-generation Aboriginal trying to hold on to her Mohawk heritage after her grandfather’s death removes her most important connection to First Nations traditions. In her search for identity, she tries to understand why she knows so little about the culture of her ancestors, and especially about what it means to be a Mohawk in Canada today. This story of personal struggle against cultural loss provides a pretext for analysing the situation of Status Indians like Sonia.

Cast/Participants: Julie Boileau, Patrick Boileau, Sonia Boileau, Sébastien Boileau, Joan Bonspille, Léona Bonspille, Kyle St-Amour Brennan, Stéphane Bérubé, Mike Cachagee, Mike David, Hilda Nicholas, Serge Simon

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