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At the end of the summer each year, over a hundred fishing boats head out to sea from the Baie des Chaleurs in search of schools of herring. It’s a frantic race against time. Each captain pushes the crew to catch their daily limit because as soon as the overall quota is reached, the season ends. Some return again and again with their ship’s hold overflowing while others struggle just to cover their costs. The intense competition and size of the herring schools force the boats to fish very close to each other, causing many equipment hitches and dangerous friction between the captains. This season we follow 4 crews: Captain Steven Hughes on the Meg-Aly, Captain Pierre-Luc Savoie and the crew aboard the Jess man Jax, Captain Jean-Pierre Plourde of the Aurélie Justin, and Captain Robert Lebouthillier and the crew of Le Vieux.

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