La Dérape II

Children's & Youth, Drama, Family

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 10x30 minutes

The karting season is barely over, and Julia is already dreaming of next summer and the prestigious elite circuit. Between her new school and her friends (including Sasha and Émilie, now a couple), she devotes herself to her official love relationship with Alex...but the mysterious Géraldine Sullivan and her brother Nathan have other plans for him. Matt, on the other hand, finds himself in hot water again when Rick learns the circumstances behind the accident. He’s going to have to face a heavy-duty re-assessment...While an unexpected inheritance pushes Jeff and Nathalie to the brink of separation, Julia is invited to try out for a Formula 1600 team, an ultra-competitive racing class. Will Julia break the promise of sticking to karting that she made to her mother?

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 9352-4486 Québec Inc. (Parallaxes)

Cast/Participants: Camille Felton; Samuel Gauthier; Maxime Gibeault; Sébastien Delorme; Guy Jodoin; Hélène Florent; Marie Turgeon


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