La course folle

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 8 x 60 minutes

La course folle takes us into the heart of an isolated and tightly knit community. A village doing everything it can to preserve and better develop an activity so they can enjoy its benefits for many years to come. The challenges, opportunities, and initiatives are many, constantly rocking the boat between enthusiasm for and resistance to change.

The La course folle series highlights the unimaginable intensity of the lobster fishery in full swing, where you have to bet big every day to win. For the captains and fishermen’s helpers who accompany them at sea, these nine weeks are like living in a monastery that can be hell on earth at times. It’s a story that’s guaranteed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. 

Maxime, Julien, Olivier, and Dominic are four of the 325 lobster fishermen living on the Magdalen Islands. This year, they invite us to get on board with them for an adventure on land and sea that’s anything but ordinary. They’ll teach us about their traditional profession and, above all, how it’s done today, while we enjoy the amazing beauty of the Magdalen Islands in the process.

The mad rush is on to catch as many lobsters as possible and to make as much money as possible...all in just nine weeks.

Will the fishing be good this year? Tune in to Télé-Québec to find out and get ready for one mad dash to the very end.


Cast/Participants: Julien Boudreau, Dominic Éloquin, Maxime Poirier, Olivier Renaud