La classe ouvrière


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 390

An original couple if ever there was one, Anicet Desrochers and Anne-Virginie Schmidt are beekeepers totally dedicated to their art, two epicureans madly in love with their bees! The 11-episode (30 minutes each) documentary series captures the buzz in the lives of these two artisans of the earth, the acknowledged leaders in Quebec’s honey culture. From season to season we stay embedded in their daily lives, mainly at Ferme-Neuve, in the Upper Laurentians, at Miels d’Anicet, their eco-responsible farm and their 10 or so employees. We also widen the focus with stops in Montreal, New York, and elsewhere in the world, where Anicet and Anne-Virginie connect with very close friends. And we meet local producers, renowned culinary creators who swear by their honey, players in the sustainable development movement, and other beekeepers sharing their concern about keeping their treasured bee populations healthy.


Cast/Participants: Anicet Desrochers-Dupuis, Anne-Virginie Schmitd

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