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Kebec II

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2020

Duration: 320

The Kebec documentary series exploring the many nooks and crannies in Quebec’s socio-cultural development is back for Season 2.
Using the same formula of visual energy and story-telling power that made the MTL series (2017) such a succes, Kebec delves into the vast history of the province with its many facets and sharp contrasts to shed light on the past to help us to better understand the present.  
The history of Quebec ¬– the big and the small – is told with the same combination of material used in MTL, including inquisitive hosts, contributions from historians and specialists, captivating archival images, playful reconstructions in animation, and geographical explanations using maps.
In all, some 20 themes are explored over the 12 episodes in the series. The family, the river, or the forest. Cuisine, crime, or disaster. Medicine, transportation, migration, vacations, language, rebellion...
Each time, a major cultural work from Quebec history (cinema, music, literature…) serves as a gateway to a theme as a pretext that it’s a reflection of Quebec society at a particular time. From there, we go back and forth in time, always guided by the theme and by our historians/specialists.
Designed as a vast mosaic using a socio-cultural common thread to trace the origin, development, and transformation of Quebec, Kebec delivers a fascinating TV experience guaranteed to be of interest to a wide audience.


Cast/Participants: Noémi Mercier, Anouk Bélanger, André Martineau, Jean-François Nadeau, Isabelle Picard, Geneviève Pronovost, Laurent Turcot, Myriam Wojcik

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