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Johanne Fontaine: toujours accro à la vie

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 45min30 secondes

When cancer won’t let go

Just barely recovered from her third bout of cancer, the subject of the first Accro à la vie documentary, actress Johanne Fontaine, is hit with it again in spring 2015. She learns that the disease is not only back, but has now metastasized throughout her body. It’s a real worst-case scenario.

Despite all the controversy about the negative effects of chemotherapy, our warrior has decided once again to undergo the treatment to deal with the life-threatening invasion force and fight on the front lines, determined more than ever to get tough with cancer.

Despite her best efforts, a scan reveals that her illness is chronic and cannot be cured. The brutal prognosis is a knock-out punch. Nevertheless Johanne remains positive and meets with an oncologist who tells her about integrative approaches to her medical treatment that could put more chances on her side.

It is in this context that Johanne makes the acquaintance of an Algonquin Chief who shares with her the ways to a natural and spiritual approach that will allow her to recharge and regain her balance.

Before a scheduled long and delicate operation Johanne shares her fears, apprehensions, and frustrations, as well as her tremendous hope of coming through it all with her friend and confidante Isabelle Maréchal. She is absolutely not ready to die yet.

The documentary ends with a calm and serene Johanne, lying on the gurney that will take her into the operating room. Out of respect, the camera pulls back and the door of the operating room closes in on us. Will Johanne Fontaine be able to once again snub her nose at the disease that won’t let go?


Cast/Participants: Johanne Fontaine, Isabelle Maréchal

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