Je suis trans


Je suis trans is a documentary series that takes us into the world of five transgender characters…with plenty of room for personal confidences and emotion.

We’ll be following our main characters in the various activities of their daily lives. Through this immersion into their world, we come to appreciate their reality. Over these episodes, we’ll find ourselves becoming attached to the characters and ultimately forgetting the differences in favour of their unique personalities.

Whether facing down the stares of other people in the grocery store…or trying to choose women’s shoes when you take a man’s size 11…or renewing your driver’s license when your “official sex” doesn’t match your appearance…we watch our protagonists in these and other odd situations. Besides the hazards of everyday life, we try to follow their process of transitioning – the hormone treatments, cosmetic surgeries and legal procedures. Not to mention the attitudes of their families, friends and colleagues who have all witnessed the ongoing evolution of this major life change.

The series will consist of ten 30-minute episodes, and each episode will present one theme. 

The themes will allow television audiences to feel more closely associated with our content and keep them from getting lost in a topic that may seem remote from their own reality.

The central theme itself is a mystery for most people – a world unknown, sometimes inaccessible. Who are these people? How do they live? What are they doing to their bodies? Is it painful for them? Is it a choice they made or are they simply “made like that”?

We try to put ourselves in the shoes of the majority of people, and try to understand the real lives – some very complicated, others very simple – lived by the characters in the series.
Themes include family, childhood, beauty, sexuality, suffering and intimidation, everyday life, medical aspects, the legal battle, the community and passions.