Jaxon and Song's Maple Mystery

Animation, Children's & Youth, Family
English (Available dubbed in French & subtitled in English)

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 40

Just in time for Canada's 150th birthday, Jaxon and Song have been invited to a mysterious party, but before they get there, they have a thing or two to learn about this great country and what makes Canada, Canada!

Follow Song and Jaxon through seven episodes as they travel through our vast country exploring and finding clues to help them solve the mystery of who is celebrating on July 1st, where and why.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Victory Arts Incorporated

Cast/Participants: Molly Wabegijig-Skanes, Dali Tremblay, Tero Hollo, Serge Cote, Becky Shrimpton, Tia Nootchtai, Phoenix Wilson, Trinda Payne Gonzalaz, Annika Hollo, Brent Freeman, Kristel Viduka, Nicholas Bazinet, Oscar Romero, Denys Tremblay

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