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“It’s My Party” (season 1)

Children's & Youth

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 13 x 22:00 minutes

From the Ukrainian Festival to the Kwanzaa Feast to Day of the Dead or Purim ...prepare for a fascinating journey of discovery, as we parachute into different communities to celebrate their cultures and religions through their unique festivities. It’s time to party!   
In each episode of It’s My Party, a young person is participating in an event that is tied to their cultural or religious background. And to take us inside the party they invite another kid to attend. In true ‘fish-out-of-water’ fashion, the guest-kid will know little about the event they are attending for the first time. For the viewers, they will offer a fresh take on the festivities, diving right in to explore the origins and meaning behind different elements – the food, fashion and performance, as well as taking part themselves!

PRODUCTION COMPANY: It’s My Party Productions 1 Inc.

DIRECTOR: Sharon Lewis, Gloria Kim