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French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 26 X 30 minutes

Season 15 of Ici Laflaque is also an election year. Will Gérard and his happy gang cut their teeth on new victims from François Legault’s cabinet? From Jean-François Lisée’s? Or will they continue the tradition of nit-picking the Liberals to death? One thing is certain: whatever party is in power, they’ll be in for the lion’s share of sarcasm, and with plenty left over for the other culprits. And there’s still tons to dump on the federal, international, and municipal playing fields, with feet in mouths and faux pas galore from Trudeau, Trump, Plante, Labeaume, and company. Laflaque’s territory is continually enriched by, among others, space cadet Marc Garneau, the astronomically rich Bill Morneau, the new Chinese Emperor Xi Jinping, the ubiquitous Gregory Charles, and the right-wingnut commentator Tasha Kheiriddin. But that’s not all because we’ve kept the very best for last as Ici Laflaque welcomes the most international local Québécoise yokel of them all, Charlemagne’s little girl herself: Céline! She’ll regale one and all as she recounts her first 50 glorious years. And if she tries to get away, we’ll tell her to “take a kayak.”

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Vox Populi 1 inc

Cast/Participants: BRASSARD Pierre, CHAPLEAU Serge, DESLAURIERS Michèle, GARON Marie-Michelle, MORIN Michel, NERON Geneviève, PAQUETTE Benoit, VERVILLE Pierre

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