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English (Available subtitled in English)

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 44

War affects all who experience it.  

That is at the heart of I AM WAR, a new TV special that tells the personal accounts of five men and women who fought with the Canadian Forces during the Afghanistan War and how these traumatic experiences have changed their lives.  These compelling testimonials are personal journeys into war based on actual events and stories from firsthand witnesses.  They tell their stories direct to camera in remarkable detail. Their words are personal, open, raw, and emotional.   It’s a unique, rare and honest view into the heroes and horrors of the Afghanistan war.  Using real footage shot during the war and stylized dramatic re-enactments each story is visually brought to life that puts the viewer on the front lines.  

The storytellers are Veterans fighting for Canada in Afghanistan.  The show begins telling the story of a soldier who survived the first IED attack on Canadian troops in 2003.  The second story is a heart wrenching testimonial from a nurse fighting to save lives at a combat hospital in Kandahar.  The third story is a soldier who had to deal with the death of his three comrades and his personal demons dealing with the fallout of these traumatic events.   The fourth story is told through the eyes of an Afghan interpreter who risks his life and his families lives to work with Canadian Forces.  And last story is young captain who leads her platoon into battle and faces a dire situation ordering her best friend to deal with an IED.   

Each story is a unique and different perspective of the Afghanistan War giving insight into not only what it was like to fight and survive the war but also how the emotional scars never truly heal.

I AM WAR delivers a dynamic and fresh approach to telling war stories done in a way that will give the viewer a very personal, immersive and true experience of what it feels like to be living amidst the hell of war in a land far from home.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Northern Sky Entertainment

Cast/Participants: Rosey Tyler. Sean Meldrum, Shawna Stark, Ata Syed, Dejean Binns