Hymne migratoire


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 43 min.

In 1997, Annie Pembe Mponda suddenly had to flee the Republic of Congo and take refuge in Canada to escape the growing violence in her country. She takes her four-year-old son, Wagner, with her but is forced to leave her two daughters, Kisha and Miriam (4 months and 2 years old), with their grandmother.

Annie’s road to becoming a Canadian citizen is long and difficult, but it’s the hope of one day being reunited with her three children that gives her the strength and courage to go on. Kisha and Miriam have been singing together since they were very young, and their songs ease their worries when they feel lonely.

Their music, like the mythical thread of Ariadne, will guide them from their grandmother’s maternal love in Kinshasa to rejoining their mother and a new life filled with hope and love in Canada.


Cast/Participants: Bidinga Tshibasu Ngalula,Ciaba Annie Mponda,Kisha Ishiomy Pembe,Miriam Sambidi Pembe,Wagner Pierre,Pembe Alexis Sr. Pembe,Hope Ngalula Pembe, Eliane Mbombo Pembe, Alexis Jr. Pembe

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