Hubert et Fanny

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

 Hubert and Fanny were never predestined to meet. Hubert is a talented, well-known tattoo artist. In spite of himself, he’s also the kind of handsome guy who turns heads wherever he goes. Falling in love is not one of his priorities, neither is starting a family. He’s not put off by his separated parents, but does try to keep them at a distance as much as possible. His most stable relationship is with his dog, Arthur. Fanny is a social worker, very invested in and dedicated to her work, to the extent that there is no real boundary between her personal life and professional life. Fortunately, Guillaume, her boyfriend for the past seven years, understands this and supports it completely. They’re trying to have their first child, so far without success.

Hubert and Fanny have nothing in common, but, during a holdup, they experience the most intense emotions of their lives together. During some very tense hours, when they fear they might not escape their predicament unscathed, they come to rely on one another for their very survival. Can a few hours change the course of their existence?

What follows is an irresistible, mutual desire to meet again. Will Fanny give up her happy and fulfilled life? Can and will Hubert allow himself to open up his heart? What if love at first sight is the best way to know who we really are and not who we would like to be?

While our two heroes navigate through their troubled waters, Hubert must also deal his mother, Mimi, who loves too much and is often hurt as a result, and his father, Claude, anxiety-ridden about never being able to really connect with his son. No wonder both of them get along better with Devin, Hubert’s roommate. For her part, Fanny depends on the unwavering support of her friend and colleague Pastel. There is also her father, Alain, and his second wife, Hélène, but they both already have their hands full with their 13-year-old son, Justin. Then there’s the stormy relationship Fanny’s always had with her sister, Frédérique, a urologist, a relationship almost as symbiotic as Frédérique’s realtionship with her husband, Yaniss, is voluntary.

Hubert et Fanny is an endearing romantic drama that explores love, commitment, and passion in all its facets.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Sphère Média 2016 Inc.

Cast/Participants: Thomas Beaudoin, Mylène St-Sauveur, Mickaël Gouin, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Marc Messier, Olivia Palacci

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