History Erased, 2 (9-12)

Documentary, History

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 4 x 60 minutes

Imagine if all the accomplishments and achievements of an entire country suddenly vanished from the world stage.

Imagine the mind-bending repercussions left to a world reeling by the sudden loss of a country’s game-changing innovations, great minds and time-honoured contributions to human history.

HISTORY ERASED is a fascinating documentary series that celebrates and explores great accomplishments through a unique lens: by instantly removing them and speculating on possible alternate realities. Famous and little-known stories come to life – and their importance explored - as they are peeled away and erased from our world’s timeline.

Life is a fragile collection of people and events perfectly balanced to create the reality we now know. Pulling away one thread of history unravels a massive chain of interconnected repercussions, with global catastrophe often looming large as a possible outcome. When key influences are removed from our modern lives, the consequences and global ramifications are far-reaching and quickly catastrophic.

Employing the format of an event-driven narrated documentary series, each episode highlights and celebrates one specific country. Each act then highlights a specific theme or area of innovation and accomplishment. For example, one act may explore a country’s geopolitical influence on the world, while another act focuses on contributions to science and technology.

Dynamic and informed interviews lead the audience to insights and revelations about the country and its contributions. Recreations and CGI elements offer a glimpse into the moment of loss and the speculative “Alternative World Without”. Visual graphics adorn the screen with compelling information, adding a visual layer of intriguing and mind-boggling statistics.

These are stories that celebrate great achievements in the world around us. This is HISTORY ERASED.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Without Nations 2 Productions Inc.