Hello Goodbye (Season 2)


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 13 x 30min

Each of the thousands of people who walk through the arrival and departure terminals in airports every day has a unique story. Well-known psychotherapist Dale Curd roams the gates and meets travelers, discovering their heartwarming and heartbreaking stories as they welcome home or say goodbye to loved ones in Canada’s busiest airport – Toronto Pearson International Airport. 

Through these encounters, Dale reveals the universal themes of love, loss, family bonds, friendship, grief, and joy by discovering their real life stories; elements of the human condition, which demonstrate how we are all connected regardless of our histories or station in life.  

Hello Goodbye explores the incredible multicultural fabric of Canada in a raw and inspiring documentary format. Each half-hour episode explores human relationships through the lives of everyday people Dale meets at the airport – from a foreign caregiver meeting her grandson for the first time, to a son welcoming his father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, to a military couple in a long distance relationship who are expecting their first child, and many more. 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Forte Entertainment ,Pivotal Media

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