Hard Rock Medical


The Borealis College of Medicine – better known as Hard Rock U – is in the remote reaches of the Canadian Shield in Northern Ontario. Don’t be surprised if you’re extracting buckshot from the back of a hunter’s head in a mosquito-infested tent at the edge of a peat bog before you’ve had your first cup of coffee.

Eight students face a range of personal and emotional challenges. Now one of the world’s strangest medical curriculums gives them a totally unexpected view of “hands-on” medicine, such as: performing an impromptu vasectomy at gunpoint, diagnosing a miner with an appetite for diamonds, reasoning with a pregnant woman riding an ATV as she attempts to induce labour or steering clear of a rutting moose that’s rampaging across the northern muskeg.

Cast/Participants: Tamara Duarte, Patrick McKenna, Angela Asher, Danielle Bourgon, Rachelle Casseus, Kyra Harper, Christian Laurin, Andrea Menard, Stephane Paquette, Melissa Jane Shaw, Mark Coles Smith, Jamie Spilchuk<

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