Action/Adventure, Animation, Children's & Youth
English (Available dubbed in Aboriginal)

Region: Western

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 5 x 22 minutes


In the year 2078, life as we know it ceased to exist.  As scientists predicted, global warming reached a critical point. And after decades of deforestation, oil dependency, and rampant pollution, nature struck back! It unleashed hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, in what became known as the Great Extinction Event. Civilization was completely and utterly destroyed! Or so Mother Nature thought…

A small group of progressive scientists had anticipated the crisis. They worked secretly to create Project Guardian. They handpicked twelve hundred humans, dubbed GUARDIANS, whom they cryogenically froze in twelve high-tech, underground bunkers around the planet. The Guardians were programmed to be released after the Great Extinction Event and only when the Earths surface conditions were favourable. And their mission was to use their combined skills to rebuild society. Like the monks during the Dark Ages, they carried the torch of knowledge and hoped to spark a new Era of Enlightenment.

Unfortunately, the bunkers malfunctioned and only released a handful of Guardians – five young teenagers – who are the heroes of our show. The kids are released forty-one million years in the future!  Our five Guardians are flung into an Avatar-like world they no longer recognize. Forty one million years of evolution have practically terra-formed the Earth and turned it into a primeval wilderness. Jungles with thousand-foot tall trees carpet the planet; mountains and volcanoes have thrust up from the Earth’s mantle and now dwarf Mount Everest and the continental plates have shifted, smashing Africa into Europe and Asia. The jungles and oceans teem with strange and exotic life forms, from tiny insects to gigantic, dinosaur-like beasts.

The Guardians, led by the brave, fifteen-year old ARIMUS, are a group of teens with skills and personalities that complement and contrast with one another. They are forced to become fast friends, whether they like it or not, because their survival – and the survival of civilization – depends on it. Along with their robotic mentor, CHUM, they must locate the other bunkers and unfreeze the remaining Guardians, so they can begin the reconstruction of civilization together.

The only problem is… one other Guardian was randomly released before our heroes.

AMBRONA, an evil scientist, faked his way into being accepted as a Guardian. His master plan was to release himself prematurely, so that he could destroy the other Guardians, and rebuild his own, much more corrupt civilization, in the future. Fortunately, Arimus and his team have no intention of letting Ambrona and his small army of robots get away with that.

Guardians - Evolution is a high-concept, stop-motion, animated show targeted at boys aged 6-9. It offers high-octane action; sharp, witty characters; just the right amount of comedy; and a fresh take on the post-apocalyptic genre, with its ingrained themes of humanism and environmentalism.  A cautionary tale, Guardians - Evolution depicts the adventures of a group of idealistic teens, as they strive to rebuild civilization and usher in a new era of Enlightenment.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Guardians Productions Season 3 Inc.

Cast/Participants: Justin Rain, Aaron Hursh

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