Girls Night Out


Girls’ Night Out approaches the prevalent and dangerous culture of binge drinking and young women, with the eye of a reporter, the curiosity of an anthropologist, and the sometimes wounded heart of a teenage girl.

A deeply personal point of view film embedded in the stories of young women engaged in, and in ‘recovery’ from, this toxic epidemic, the intention of Girls' Night Out is to create a new and intimate conversation around this very serious issue. It is an all-too-ubiquitous story of what’s happening to 80% of the girls at university campuses across North America with often damaging consequences.

Through vital access, the film will present a unique perspective into why these intelligent, accomplished young women drink themselves into oblivion. It will delve into their underlying feelings of acceptance, self-worth, and body image, as they trek out nightly, engaging in a high risk and toxic culture. They reveal their influencers: Alcohol marketing, the glamorization of booze through the media, celebrity and how binge drinking is simply normal in the social milieu of being young. The film is an inspirational but cautionary story of sexual assault, addiction, and the devastating dangers that are specific to contemporary young women who drink too fast, too much, and too young.


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