Get Over It: A Path to Healing

English (Available subtitled in English)

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 28 minutes

In the early 19th Century, the Canadian government believed that Indigenous communities in the country should adopt Christianity and "White Canadian" culture. The hope was that Indigneous  people will abandon their lifestyle and traditions and will not exist as Indigenous People. The government, adopted the model of Residential Schools as the preferred way to “take the Indian out of the child”. The schools were mandatory for First Nation children and were run by the Dept. of Indian Affairs. The schools operated from the 19th. Century to 1996 and at least 150,000 First Nation children attended these schools.

While at schools, students lived in substandard conditions, were not allowed to speak their native language and rarely saw their families. There were many cases of mental, sexual and physical abuse without accountability to the perpetrators. A large number of children lost their lives to disease and physical harm.Many experts described what happened in Residential Schools as a “cultural genocide”. Some claim that it was a genocide (not just cultural).

These schools had profound health effects on the Indigneous People of Canada and are partialy responsible for the health crisis in Indignous communities today.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Never Again Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Elder Victoria E. McIntosh, Elder Mary Courchene , Elder Marlene Kayseas, Dr. Brian Postl, Dr. Marcia Anderson, Dr. Katherine Cook, Dr. Mark Koltek, Ry Moran,Kevin Lamoureux, Chief Derrick Henderson,Albert McLeod, Joe Daniels,Connie Kuzdak, Audrey Henderson