Gens du pays


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Linked to the regions and their most loyal inhabitants, Gens du pays paints an up-to-date and inspiring portrait of life in regional Quebec. This documentary series on a human scale takes us to wherever things are happening Quebec. Every week, we meet with people who have chosen to live in Quebec’s regions, to make their lives there, whatever challenges they face. The Gens du pays are Quebecers who love their little corner of the province, whether they were born there or live there by choice, and give their all day in and day out to ensure the best future possible through their original development initiatives.

The Gens du pays series is driven with a modern vision to pay tribute to the wealth of our territories, to their diversity, and to the commitment of the people living there. The objective of the series is to show Quebec in all its geography, all its variety, and all its vitality.

It took centuries to settle the territory of Quebec. And in the regions, even today, development can be very challenging. With environmental issues, and cuts in education, culture, or transportation services, the only solutions for the survival of small villages often include public consultation, cooperation, and sheer ingenuity. Regardless of the pitfalls, dedicated citizens roll up their sleeves and get down to work, developing projects that make their region a pleasure to live in, and to offer their children a changing, peaceful, dynamic, and prosperous future. In Gens du pays you’ll meet these unique people to better understand what motivates them to live and work in a harmonious way that makes their regions thrive.

Every episode in the series highlights the values that inspire people in the regions to work hard every day to ensure a prosperous future in their little corner of Quebec. Social commitment, solidarity, cooperation, industriousness, and generosity are at the heart of everything they do. Because these same values are well entrenched in the communities, they are reflected in the relations the people enjoy with each other, which is really what the series is all about.

Each episode in the Gens du pays series features stories from two different regions of Quebec. The theme of the episode is linked to ongoing regional initiatives, including tourism, education, local products, diversification, culture, heritage, economic and sustainable development, food self-sufficiency, sports tourism, artisanal and terroir products, historical perspective, and the environment.

Through various projects, we learn the steps inhabitants of a region take to economically revive their part of Quebec. The meetings with locals are interspersed with statistics, information, and thoughts from the show’s host to create a unique documentary update on regional development issues.