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Genius Factory

English (Available dubbed in English)

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 1:30:00

Everyone wanted a Doron. When controversy hit the sperm bank, Robert Graham needed to show the world what they could do. That ended up being Doron Blake. Doron became the sperm bank’s poster boy and the most famous genius baby because he was good looking, had an IQ of 180 and was plastered on every magazine cover and daytime talk show you could think of. He grew up to resent everything associated with the bank, including his controlling mother because of being paraded around at such a young age.

Leandra and Logan Ramm show us what happens when you try to play God. They’re brother and sister from the sperm bank. Leandra grew up to be a genius, whereas her brother has lowfunctioning autism. What their family hoped for and what they got were two totally different things.

Nick Isel is another genius baby whose donor father lied about his IQ to participate in the experiment. The results are quite interesting. Nick is a genius and discovered that he has a genius halfbrother named Harrison. Nick grew up to be a roofer and Harrison got his PhD in mathematics.

All of these children have one thing in common, none of them would be alive today if Robert Graham didn’t set out to save humanity by playing God.

In 1979, Robert Graham, a 73yearold eccentric millionaire, got the idea to create a race of super humans. He was labeled a Nazi, a racist, a fascist, an elitist and a eugenicist but that didn’t stop him from starting a sperm bank where the only donors were Nobel Prize winners. Graham believed so strongly that civilization was heading down the path of disaster that he made his super sperm available for free... if you could prove you carried a super egg. Only women with MensaIQs were allowed through the front doors.

Graham called this genius sperm bank his “gift to humanity.”

The Nobel Prize Sperm Bank produced over 200 children. Graham dreamed of seeing if his experiment worked, if he could really manufacture superintelligent humans and make civilization smarter. His oldest spawn were only in their teens when he died in 1999 and the lab closed. Now, 16 years after his death, the real life “Avengers” are ready to speak and what they have to say will shock you. Imagine if you thought your father was Henry Kissinger, Samuel Beckett, or Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Wavelength Entertainment Group Inc. (BC)

Coproduction Partner(s): Wavelength Entertainment Group Incorporated. (SK)

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