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Frères, fusils, festins


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 48

On a quest for adventure and wild game, brothers Patrick and Jérémie Thibeault criss-cross Canada’s four major ecosystems, from the Prairies to the arctic and from the boreal forest to the outer limits of the Canadian Shield. Through a series of encounters with hunters, our two brothers not only learn a great deal about local hunting and cooking techniques, but also discover regional cultures and the colourful characters who keep these traditions alive. ​Frères, fusils et festins​("Brothers, guns and feasts")explores the connections between humankind and its natural world. Through these intimate and authentic weekly rendezvous, we become acquainted with the hunters of today. 

Keeping a brisk pace, punctuated by our two bons vivants’ irrepressible sense of humour, each episode takes us through the various steps of a hunting expedition. We follow the brothers from their arrival, as they meet local hunters, an encounter that offers the opportunity to explore their community in all its complexity. Then, the hunting party becomes one with nature as the hunt begins. There are moments of silence and patient anticipation, the brothers sharing secrets and stories with their local counterparts, followed by adrenaline-charged moments as the wild game comes within range. Each episode ends with the sharing of true feast, usually in the wild: the game is prepared on a wood fire, using portable cookware, as our new friends celebrate the noble traditions of hunting, and offer a toast to Canada’s many cultures and majestic nature! 

The philosophy behind ​Frères, fusils et festins​sets it apart from most hunting series. Our objective is not to focus on the "kill shot", the peak of a successful hunt. Rather, we have chosen to document the hunting tradition in a spirit of respect for the animals. The main focus will be on the relationship between the two brothers, the locals with whom they come in contact, the communities they visit, the cultural aspects of hunting and the unique nature of the landscapes they are exploring. The act of hunting and the consumption of wild game will serve as a guiding thread throughout the series. 

The series will not limit itself to guns; we will also explore other means of hunting, including bows, traps and snares. In addition to moose, deer, caribou and black bear, smaller game such as pheasants, hares, partridges, geese and squirrels will be on the menu. In the episodes devoted to trapping, the brothers and their fellow hunters will focus on less frequently consumed species such as lynx, beavers and muskrats. 

Although hunting in Canada is an activity dominated by Caucasian men, we have ensured that our community of hunters represents every segment of the population, including women, minority communities, and hunters of various ages, whose voices will offer diverse perspectives and touch upon a wide range of cultural aspects of the hunting tradition.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Machine Gum Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Jérémie Thibeault, Patrick Thibeault