Fight Like Soldiers Die Like Children


Roméo Dallaire’s experience in Rwanda – where he was ordered to stand by as a genocidal civil war unfolded – left him disillusioned and shattered. Still haunted by the memories, he has become a celebrated author and humanitarian with a new mission: to stop the use of children as soldiers.

We follow him through DR Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan and North America as he talks with child soldiers, self-defence groups, militia leaders and those trying to demobilize the children. Graphic novel-style animation interspersed throughout adds the first-person voice of Michel Chikwanine, a former child soldier. His chilling story underscores the critical importance of Dallaire’s work.

(Directed by Patrick Reed, researcher and producer on Shake Hands With the Devil, the award-winning film that chronicled Dallaire’s Rwandan experience.)

Cast/Participants: Roméo Dallaire

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