Fièvre politique

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 240

Sometimes battling with their conscience, sometimes delivered up as bait to the media and popular opinion, politicians endure unimaginable sacrifices and often experience tremendous guilt for imposing the trials and tribulations of their public lives on those they love. Strong leadership ability, skilled negotiator, or inexperienced and without instinct...Some manage their careers brilliantly, while others fail big time for all to see. In four 60-minute episodes, the Fièvre politique documentary series gives the men and women politicians that have made their mark on recent Quebec and Canadian history the opportunity to tell their side of the story for an in-depth, intimate experience of the crucial moments in their public lives. Conducted by moderator Esther Begin, and structured around four key themes, the series looks into what’s really behind our leading political figures and their fascinating careers. Emotionally charged and informationally rich, Fièvre politique is built on interviews taped in a friendly setting, and supported by solid archival material.


Cast/Participants: Esther Bégin, Pauline Marois, Bernard Landry, Jean Charest, Line Beauchamp, Mario Dumont, Gilles Ducceppe, Louise Harel, Lisette Lapointe, Jean-Martin Aussant, Monique Jérôme-Forget, Jean Chrétien,, Brian Mulroney, Jean Lapierre, Stéphane Bédard, Marguerite Blais, Yves Bolduc, Liza Frulla, Michèle Courchesne, Diane Lemieux, Maria Mourani, Colette Roy-Laroche

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