Face à la rue, saison 2

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Canadian Release Date: May 01, 2018

Duration: 10 x 30 minutes

During Season 1, Jean-Marie Lapointe posed the question that would guide the mission of the Face à la rue series: How do people find themselves one day living on the street?

Jean-Marie skilfully opens the door for viewers to gently take their first steps in the world of the homeless.

In Season 2, Jean-Marie takes the mission of Face à la rue up to the next level by attempting to answer the question of why some people choose to live on the street and how they survive.

Jean-Marie takes viewers even deeper into the lives of the homeless by introducing them to the many precarious places and situations they face on the street to better understand what it really means to live without a home.


Cast/Participants: Jean-Marie Lapointe