Et si Montréal était...


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 43

Montreal, whose rise to glory coincided with Expo 67 and Man and His World 50 years ago, now faces the same problems as any other big city: urban congestion, housing, environmental, and security concerns, and the battle for creative status. All major cities are searching for the best formulas, and the best policies or strategies for attracting and retaining those who can help them in reaching this objective. The competition to establish the right combination that polishes their image and ensures their success as desirable places to live is fierce and unrelenting. Some cities are undergoing radical change, in full redefinition mode. Some are running on empty, while others are literally reinventing themselves. Where does Montreal stand in this race to be the ideal city? What models could Montreal follow to correct its weaknesses or maintain its lead? How does Montreal really stack up against the other big cities in the world today?

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Telimagin inc.