Dust Up


Three maverick crop dusters – in “flying tractors” – chase their dreams five-feet off the ground at 150 mph. Meet 73-year-old Bud Jardine, his rebellious son Brennan and ambitious newbie Travis Karle – competitive, ego-driven daredevils with their own operations in Nipawin, Saskatchewan.

You get a cockpit view as they dodge trees and telephone wires – at times roaring just inches above fields to deliver their deadly payloads.

Family feuds, resourcefulness and survival in the rural heartland lead to high-stakes drama on the ground, peril in the air and roadside audiences who gather to witness their death-defying feats. (A Paperny Films and Prairie Threat Entertainment Production.)

Cast/Participants: Brennan Jardine, Bud Jardine, Shannon Jardine, Travis Karle, Scott McNeil

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